About Meagan Edwards

Meagan is a  cosmetologist, artist, lover of life, the daughter of Chrystyna and illustrator of Little Tree.  She was born in Kansas but grew up in Bangkok, Thailand and now also lives in Mebane, North Carolina with her dog, Frank. Meagan has had a passion for art since she was very young and continues that passion both through illustrating her mothers book and through the creation of her own art work.

About Chrystyna Edwards

Chrystyna is a follower of Christ, mother, grandmother, wife, world traveler and author. She grew up in Topeka, Kansas, and married her high school sweetheart. They've lived in five states, as well as France, Thailand, and South Africa. She now lives in Mebane, North Carolina, with her husband, dog and cat. In 2007, she began to share her passion of stories as a professional story teller. She has two children and three grandchildren.Little Tree is Chrystyna's big debut. It all started as a way to entertain and educate her children in the magic that happens as the seasons change and grew into a children's book that she continues to share with her grandchildren. She currently has four more books in the works and is so excited to bring them to life.

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